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Mechanic: Resurrection

Hit man Arthur Bishop his fed up with his job and is resting in Brazil after his pretended death. Soon a new client appears, who wants to convince Bishop, known as the "Mechanic", with all his might, to get back into business. After all, he is the best in the industry and his three goals are far from easy.

The Mechanic Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) has made a name for himself as an effective hit man – but is exchanging this now for a new identity. His cover, however, does not persist for a long time. In his new homeland Brazil a young woman appears, accompanied by several mercenaries. She wants to hire Bishop to eliminate three goals.

"Mechanic: Resurrection" is available as DVD and Blu-ray in the distribution of Universum Film.

The former killer, however, refuses the offer and goes back underground, this time on a Thai beach. Bishop not only finds out that his visitor was traveling to Brazil on behalf of a certain Crain (Sam Hazeldine), but that he persistently persecutes Bishop. Shortly after another lady appears, whose companion she attacks on her boat in the evening.

Bishop intervenes and protects the woman who presents herself as Gina Thorpe (Jessica Alba). She has also been sent by Crains, although not voluntarily. When Crain forthwith kidnaps her again, Bishop if he likes it or not has to execute the assignments, which brings him not only around half of the world, but also into acute danger to life. Good, that the "Mechanic" still masters his craft well ...

Statham in his familiar métier

"Mechanic: Resurrection" is a continuation of the remake-action-thriller "The Mechanic", but the script does not quite find the connection to its predecessor. This is not too bad, after all, the manageable story does not require lots of background information. Jason Statham in the fight against heavy guys also works without the embedding in an Oscar-worthy plot.

In particular, because the Mechanic is not just about blunt violence, but about precisely planned attacks and quite creative approaches. The sympathies of the audience belong to him, however, mainly because his victims are anything but innocent lambs, and of course they have deserved their end.

Also the abundant exchangeable other roles next to the protagonist contribute significantly to the fact that Statham is logically the center of the interest. Only Tommy Lee Jones can compete here as an eccentric weapon dealer and gives this action movie a proper shot of humour.

Jessica Alba, who is also an experienced Hollywood actor, continues her series, which can almost be described as unlucky, and will hardly be remembered with her role in "Mechanic: Resurrection". In her very clear-cut role, that is usually casted with newcomers, she sometimes appears to be greatly understated and almost unplaced.

With love for action

However, the action scenes, German director Dennis Gansel staged very nicely, are on point – although "Mechanic: Resurrection" is his first film of this genre. With great care, he accompanies Bishop in his work and celebrates the individual steps of the preparation and execution of his assassinations. Accordingly, the image of the Blu-ray is also detailed and clear, which, with its great calmness, provides a soothing balance to the fast-paced action. Colours and contrasts are rich and strong, especially at the partial tropical-looking settings.

Tonally, the picture is still topped, the DTS-HD 5.1-MA track delivers the maximum. Above all, space and dynamics are impressive and create an engaging atmosphere. Far-reaching background noises during Bishop and Crain's first-ever conversation make you feel like you're sitting at the "negotiating table" - which, in the face of Bishop's explosive prepared armchair, triggers disturbing emotions.

Fortunately, the first detonations take long to wait for, but then they are all the more merciless and make the walls neatly wiggle. Well for him, who has a powerful subwoofer and can experience Bishop's escape from the Malaysian prison or his small "pool party" in Australia with the pun intended force. Likewise praiseworthy are the directional effects, which make an impact for example in the various helicopter flights.

Also the numerous shootings are acoustically impressive and ensure the famous "in the midst of" effect. When Bishop dives into the sea and is pursued by projectiles, you involuntarily hold back your breath, because of the fear from ricochet, you immediately duck your head on board of Crain's luxury yacht. A measure that for one or the other bad guy in the duel with Bishop certainly would have done quite well …

"Mechanic: Resurrection" is available as DVD and Blu-ray in the distribution of Universum Film.

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Text: Martin Sowa/Lite Magazin