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Fascinating 2-channel HiFi presentations. Infectious home theatre demos.

Across our family of specialist retail partners there’ll always be an opportunity to fully immerse your senses and enjoy a selection from our wide spectrum of products.

26.10.-27.10.2018 Hausmesse Musikus Musikus Hifi, Hildesheimer Straße 119, 30173 Hannover
03.11.- 04.11.2018 Deutsche Hifi Tage darmstadtium, Schlossgraben 1, 64283 Darmstadt
17.11.- 18.11.2018 Mitteldeutsche Hifi Tage, Leipzig Alte Handelsdruckerei, Oststraße 40-44, 04317 Leipzig
01.12.- 02.12.2018 HOT-High End on Tour, Bochum RuhrCongress / Renaissance Hotel, Stadionring 20, 44791 Bochum