MOUNT OW 180/150

It is often best to mount small rear loudspeakers on walls behind the listening position to achieve the optimum surround effect.

MOUNT OW 180/150

Mount OW 180 is exactly adjusted to the mounting holes for an optimal alignment of wall and ceiling loudspeakers PHASE R6, PHASE 190 and PHASE 180. Mount OW 150 is adjusted to PHASE 150. The wall mounts, that can be locked via hexagonal bolts, have an angle adjustment of at least 90°. Mount OW 180 and Mount OW 150 are available in black and white. h.

Mount OW 180 for:
   - PHASE R6
   - PHASE 190
   - PHASE 180

Mount OW 150 for:    - PHASE 150

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Type Wall mount
Size (w x h x d) in cm 39,2 x 4,0 x 2,5
Warranty 2 years

Our advice for a preferential combination: