Kelela – Take Me Apart

By now the “future of R'n'B” has been called out so frequently, that you would like to wave back reflexively, whenever the discussion comes up again to a talented youngster, which allegedly does make everything different. It is a special privilege of the American artist Kelela to be traded for four years as the future of that genre – just when the hype around different artists like The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, James Blake and FKA Twigs was running extremely high, she published with "Cut 4 Me" a mixtape that captured the spirit of the time perfectly.

While other artists reacted to this temporary boom phase with quick releases, Kelela decided to work on her sound in peace and quiet. This work is now clearly perceptible on her debut album: "Take Me Apart" is made up of many layers and although it is about the R'n'B of the 90s, it stretches again and again in many different directions. Contradictions are not denied here, they are an integral part of her sonic program: When she sings "Better" as a soft ballad in a choir with herself, "LMK" goes on a Jam City beat towards club without any detours and while the title track is pervaded by natural sounds, a song like "Blue Light" sounds kind of “enraptured-futuristic”.

<span lang="EN-US"Responsible for this versatility are not least the numerous creative partnerships, which Kelela entered during the production process. Romy Madley-Croft certainly contributed her compositional sensitivity, developed at The xx. It was the merit of mainly producers like Arca (such as in noisy "Enough") or Ariel Rechtshaid, who equipped the record with sounds oscillating between experimental electronics and pop-appeal. That the multiplicity does not lead to aimlessness is, above all, the responsibility of the artist herself.

Her voice gives the songs a clear signature, lets them sway between physique and diffuse physicality and thus makes "Take Me Apart" a record that does not stick to the promises of the advance of the genre R'n'B. Instead, it is the coexistence of many influences that makes Kelela's music a spectacle.  



Her voice gives the songs a clear signature.

Track List

Track List:

1      Frontline

2      Waitin

3      Take Me Apart

4      Enough

5      Jupiter

6      Better

7      LMK

8      Truth Or Dare

9      S.O.S.

10  Blue Light

11  Onanon

12  Turn To Dust

13  Bluff


14  Altadena