Drangsal – Zores

Anyone, who wants to venture forward into the difficult field of German pop music, should take great care: You easily tangle up somewhere in adjacent Schlager (traditional German pop songs), which potentially get close to everything, that is formulated in German. It´s not without a reason, that Germany's local pop music is always marked by clear countermovements like Neue Deutsche Welle or Hamburger Schule, which are resolutely looking for a – not seldom politically connoted – alternative to the given cicumstances. As time goes by, it always came back to that individual proa-gonists of this movement referred to styles beyond their comfort zone, and approached what was otherwise only indicated by rejection. Thought may be given to Blumfeld, Ja, Panik, and at the la-test also: Drangsal.

On the second album much is thrown overboard, which seemed to be guaranteed after the debut, although the fundamental approach has changed little: Mastermind Max Gruber digs around in the musical archive of the 80s and digs out sounds, styles and codes, which he subsequently mixes toge-ther unexpectedly. Two years ago, it was provincial goth rock on „Harieschaim“, which occasionally flashed between pleasing-pompous synth pop and proportionally muscular new wave as a related genre, "Zores" dares more comprehensive on shaky terrain.

“Die Nerven” guitarist Max Rieger has purified the sound as a co-producer, which now guides the music even more clearly in the direction of “The Smiths” – linguistically, even if unconsciously, Farin Urlaub (frontman of the famous “Die Ärzte”) and his attempts with the vocabulary of the ba-nal and the Schlager related seems to be kind of a unexpectedly role model. Gruber now sings in German that he's doing well, somewhere between waiting for the active adult life and being lost between drugs, youthful euphoria and, of course, love. In the first moment it may seems flat, but those who take up with the record will not only find many wonderful refrains on "Zores", but at least as many surprising turns and combinations as on the debut.

Gruber now sings in German that he's doing well, ...

Track List

1  Eine Geschichte
2  Jedem Das Meine
3  Und Du Vol. II
4  Magst Du Mich (Oder Magst Du Bloß Noch Dein Altes Bild Von Mir)
5  Sirenen
6  Turmbau Zu Babel
7  Weiter Nicht
8  Laufen Lernen
9  Arche Gruber
10  Gerd Riss
11  All The Poor Ships At Sea
12  ACME