Cat Power - Wanderer

Yes, the sound sometimes staggers on Chan Marshall's tenth album, but the songs never allow themselves to fall down. At the beginning of their career, the tripping, the collapse was an important moment in the music released under the name Cat Power: a loop running into empty space crept in or the sound was skeletonized in a way, that it remained not clear, if there´s still a song. During the career this fact changed step-by-step and at last there was "Sun", a solid top 10 album, stabilized by synthesizers and confident hooks.

"Wanderer“ is now continuation and opposite of this movement at the same time: Instead of sparkling pop, there are slow songs here, which frankly use blues and folk and thereby maximally take us into the world of coffee house music, which brings Marshall back to the predecessor. Where its stability wanted on the dance floor, even if only to a self-confident nod to the beat, it is now a surprising, relaxed understatement, that runs through the album like a red thread. The title track, which frames the album into two parts? Hopeful, hymnic, but gently staged. The Lana Del Rey feature? Elegantly mixed in the background. The social criticism in "In Your Face"? Between the lines.

The old tendency for heartbreaking pathos is still in the songs, shimmering through some melodies, but when Marshall builds her songs today only from cautious drums, light piano and gentle guitar, then less to create instability, but to highlight a new sovereignty. It then fits almost too well, how arbitrarily Marshall fishes the Rihanna single "Stay" from the archives of the charts and deprives it in an edited version of its entire theatricality. There´s much to read in interviews about the album, from which you can continue to build on the story of Marshall, especially with regard to this cover, but as much as you shake thereon with anecdotes: "Wanderer" is definite and won´t simply fall down.

The old tendency for heartbreaking pathos is still in the songs

Track List

1   Wanderer
2   In Your Face
3   You Get
4   Woman
5   Horizon
6   Stay
7   Black
8   Robbin Hood
9   Nothing Really Matters
10   Me Voy
11   Wanderer/Exit