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For your home cinema and stereo system.
Each series includes floor, bookshelf, wall, and center speakers.

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Audio expert

Real hi-fi knowledge in less than two minutes – explained simply and understandably by our chief developer Sascha Reckert. Learn useful know-how to better understand the audio world in our Audioexperts series. What makes a good tweeter? What do I have to consider when selecting loudspeakers? Watch the first episode of Audioexperts now and learn what a ribbon tweeter can do.

Quadral – the Audio expert

We make the difference

Our rich experience, sovereign mastery of the physical laws, our patience and our differentiating sensitivity, which decides whether it is good or excellent, make Quadral what it is: The specialist for sound technology at the highest level. We love music and we want you to feel that in every one of our products. Immerse yourself in the Quadral world of sound and discover maximum sound depth in an exclusive design, everything for the finest hi-fi electronics and smart home.

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