About us

We develop, design, and build loudspeakers. With passion.

What we do, is done skilfully – built upon decades of experience; mastering physical laws, patience, and the sophisticated sensitivity of evaluating what’s ‘good’, but then how we develop that in achieving ‘excellence’. Since the beginning, quadral has represented the pursuit of technical ingenuity – a result that you can most definitely hear and feel.

With the quadral design, our products adapt harmonically into every kind of living environment – one that you can easily see.

quadral loudspeakers deliver an honest, truthful experience of sound culture at the highest level. Have fun choosing and enjoying a genuine sound - close to ideal.


Are all loudspeakers fully interchangeable or are there fine differences between them? We believe there are indeed major differences with regard to engineering, design and, above all, the sound! But what distinguishes quadral loudspeakers from the others?


quadral loudspeakers are conceived in such a way that they can handle even difficult amplifiers with ease, which means that you can combine them with virtually any music system.

In the forefront of product development is not only the perfection of individual details but also the minimization of any weaknesses relevant to the sound - graded according to price category. Our aim is not only to harmonize our loudspeakers with diverse music systems, but also with diverse music styles. In doing so, the quality and durability of the materials are crucial factors influencing our choice of components.

Furthermore, not only higher-priced models benefit from quadral technologies which are only available as standard in quadral products: quadral ribbon and RiCom tweeters, quadral-ALTIMA© and graphite-coated laminated membranes, pressure chamber reflex cabinets, BTC and runtime correction circuits, etc.


Loudspeakers must harmonize with a huge variety of surroundings. Therefore, almost all quadral products are available with a neutral black finish. However, models higher up the range are also available in other colours or real wood finishes. Our styling prefers mainstream to avant-garde - hence the classic, timeless lines and finishes to the cabinets, carefully manufactured using the very best quality materials and much attention to detail.


quadral's No. 1 development objective is not maximum volume when switching over between different loudspeakers, but rather maximum resolution combined with maximum compatibility with all conceivable amplifiers. Therefore, in terms of sound neutrality, precision and attention to detail, quadral loudspeakers always provide maximum listening enjoyment from all normal listening positions.

Although the acoustics of many sales outlets reflect a different philosophy, we at quadral intentionally tune our loudspeakers to match the acoustic characteristics of typical homes. In other words, for rectangular rooms ranging from 15 to 50 m2 in size, 2.2 to 3 m high and including the usual items like carpets, curtains, wooden furniture, upholstery, etc.

Our aim is for you to be able to enjoy quadral loudspeakers in your home for a long time.