A love for detail

AURUM loudspeakers are defined by a vast number of technical refinements making them unique when used in such a combination. As a result, these characteristics are the reasons for the continued success of the AURUM series.

The AURUM ribbon tweeters

AURUM loudspeakers are endowed with sophisticated ribbon tweeters. In our top-models TITAN, VULKAN, BASE TITAN and BASE PRESTIGE VIII R we included the “real” ribbon. A wafer-thin aluminium strip acts as the membrane, which is driven by powerful, very expensive, neodymium magnet rods. Thereby, the speaker membrane follows the signal it is sent, without unwanted inertia. The result: an unrivalled example of finesse and clarity in the sound pattern as well as the best quality with regards linearity.

The smaller AURUM models are also equipped with AURUM quality as standard too, with isodynamic ribbon tweeters for example. With a moving mass almost as low as the real ribbon, these tweeters are the perfect combination of loudspeakers that don’t  compromise in effort and performance.

The quadral ALTIMA® membranes

In the ‘low’ and ‘mid ranges’, AURUM loudspeakers convince with our own unique metal composition known as quadral ALTIMA® membranes. quadral ALTIMA® combines the three light metals - aluminium, titanium and magnesium to produce ideal oscillation behaviour. The result: speed, painstaking accuracy and no intrinsic sound at all.

The pressure chamber / reflex principle

The TITAN, VULKAN, MONTAN, ORKAN and the BASE TITAN utilise a very special design construction in their enclosures: The rear of the membrane works on the principle of bass reflex by volume whilst the front of the membrane, in contrast, works and acts upon the principle of a pressure chamber. This technology derives originally from professional studio monitors and works unprecedented for hi-fi loudspeakers. The combination of a pressure chamber and the reflex principle makes an extensive depth possible combined with the highest precision. At very high levels the bass still stays contoured and sublime.

The crossover

The AURUM models TITAN, VULKAN, BASE TITAN, MONTAN, ORKAN and WOTAN use crossovers that are split in two and are developed with carefully selected high-class materials only. Low resistance and laminated transformer core coils provide a low-loss and low-distortion rendering in the bass.
To achieve subtle and exact pulse overtones we only use exceptionally fast PP-film capacitors as well as low inductive metal coating resistors for tweeters. The circuit switches are especially pleasing to an amplifier, and as such, all AURUM models can even be played with tube amplifiers at peak performance.
With this sophisticated turnout-technology dynamics, as well as three-dimensionality and tonality, these are all characteristics that lean towards the very highest quality, and therefore, music is reproduced close to ideal.

Bi-Wiring terminal

Loudspeakers with a bi-wiring terminal provide two connections for the independent delivery of the signal to both tweeter and subwoofer within the enclosure. This bi-wiring option therefore makes it possible to control the tweeter and the subwoofer individually, and, with better control comes more efficiency and better results when using two amplifiers (bi-amping). This method of connection is how you can get the very best results from your loudspeakers. The incorporated level switches for high frequency ranges of VULKAN, BASE TITAN and BASE PRESTIGE are new. With them, you can adapt the high frequency characteristics at three sensitivity levels to suit the real three dimensional properties that your room creates. The TITAN goes one step further, as these offer full control over all three points - not only are high frequency characteristic controllable, but also the ‘mid’ and ‘low’ frequency areas too can have their sensitivity levels adjusted to make them fit like a tailor made suit.

Real Cable® inner wiring

Loudspeakers from the AURUM and PLATINUM M series are designed and installed with Real Cable® inner wiring. We use this excellent product to underline once more the exacting quality requirements we demand and seek to deliver.

The active-technology

To linearize the frequency response of a passive loudspeaker you can use a crossover to lower frequency ranges in the level. On the other hand, with active loudspeakers you can perform elevations in frequency ranges. With only the smallest amount of effort any filter or equalizer can be used, and in combination with the built-in amplifier, each driver (tweeter, mid and woofer) gets direct signal input. In this way, it is possible to realize that all speakers can be tuned precisely, and because of the filters there are no losses. That is how the active speaker plays with a lot more ease and is more dynamic with the same amplifier power.

Another advantage of our active loudspeakers that we skillfully developed, enables users to make small and very fine sound adjustments. Because of this, you can either help eliminate problems caused by the uniqueness of space, or adapt the sound itself to your favorite music and nuances.
A switchable ‘high-pass’ option enables the listener to choose between an extended deep bass or a higher maximum level output via a switchable setting. Furthermore, a higher cut-off frequency can help to decrease strong room resonances under 50 Hz.

Our introduced circuitry here also acts as a type of subsonic filter – and leads to reduced woofer travel and movement. It works in a way that means very deep frequencies are not directed to the speaker in order to stabilize them mechanically at very high levels.

The combination of a fixed bandwidth of 1/3 octaves and the switchable frequency and levels helps to set room corrections or to set individual sound modulation. These properties together along with the switchable ‘high-pass’ offers ingenious solutions for even the trickiest and demanding of installations.

AURUM Electronic

Pre-amplifier technology

The sum of extremely high quality component parts makes AURUM products something very special. For the input stages only BI-FET operational amplifiers are used. With the very short signal paths of the pre and power amplifier we use capacitors with a ‘no-loss’ design ethos - only high quality polypropylene film capacitors are used, made in Germany. When put together, they are your guarantee for low-distortion and low-loss transmission and a distinctively more dynamic musical picture.

Power amplifier technology

The discreetly installed power amplifier provides a nearly perfect musical picture. This complex but effective way of power amplification combined with passive output filters allows a free-of-distortion rendering with an extremely wide frequency range. Exceptionally long lasting power transistors from a well-respected manufacturer are also used – with high impulses as well as vacuum sealed output relays, they’ve been designed to provide a long lasting relationship with your AURUM amplifier.

CD players

Digital-technology: With a complex technical method, the laser unit of the CD player is syndicated and guided automatically. The AURUM developers use only a Burr Brown D/A converter with 24 bit/192 kHz for the AURUM CD players.

Analogue technology: To design the sound behavior of the AURUM CD player at the highest level, a series of filters are installed. For the audio branches also Bi-FET operational amplifiers and polypropylene film capacitors are integrated. Furthermore, an extremely strong, but low-noise drive motor is integrated in the player.

Power supply

The standby eco power supply of the AURUM product amplifier series works with a power consumption of less than 0.9 watt. The specifically developed transformers minimize the electromagnetic field of the power supply. Because of this, the power amplifier can work free from interference and all AURUM amplifiers therefore offer a typical, identical and fascinating sound.
Special filters avoid distortion and humming noises of the toroidal-transformer. Five individual load capacitors per channel, with a specifically developed switch assure a fast current delivery. That is how AURUM full and power amplifier rule supreme, even with faster and higher impulses.