Top-of-the-line amplifier
The AURUM A10S is our high-end streaming full-amplifier - handmade in Germany. It is based on its excellent brother A8. 


Top-of-the-line amplifier
The AURUM A10S is our high-end streaming full-amplifier - handmade in Germany. It is based on its excellent brother A8. We outbid the whole spectrum of technical and scientific knowledge of circuit technology with our integrated high-end amplifier so you can enjoy an extraordinary level of listening pleasure. The ability for us to create a powerful reference amplifier that delivers such fabulous dynamics and both a rangy and finely detailed sound reproduction is paramount to our beliefs and objectives.

Level of protection

•Class-AB output stage for low distortion sound and great sonority.
• Undisturbed operation at the highest level through individually decoupled sections.
• Separate power supplies for standby power and digital and analogue modules.
• The wideband filter clears external balanced disturbances from the power grid and unbalanced disturbances from housing and „ground wire“.

Input switching:

• High quality, encapsulated signal relay and hard-gilded contacts for optimum signal transmission.
• Almost wear-free relay for an exceptional long lifetime.

Input Level:

• Particularly low distortion and low-noise due to BI-FET operational amplifiers for the widest frequency range and clear increased dynamics in music reproduction.
• Low-noise operational amplifiers from Analog Devices for a sensitive input stage.

Signal Forwarding:

• Efficient signal transmission with minimized distortion.
• Optimized module architecture for short signal paths.
• High-quality polypropylene film capacitors made in Germany.
• Extreme interference suppression and loss-free signal forwarding through SMD technology (an innovative technology for the production of assemblies).

Real double-mono-construction:

• Separate power supply for each channel, individual signal processing and individual signal amplification for more strength, dynamics and performance reserves.
• Two separately operated, stray power supplies, a transformer and a rectifier for a finely-resolving and stable sound.
• balanced inputs (XLR) for optimal signal transmission. This professional type of connection allows signal transmission with a ground wire exclusively used for shielding and on which itself no signal flow takes place.

Pre-amplifier and full-amplifier:

• Professional, precise and logarithmic working volume adjustment as in the studio with real 1 dB steps.
• Exactly synchronized volume control of the audio channels.


• Streaming service integration with your own AURUM app for (Android / iOS).
• Supported services: Tidal, Airable Radio, Airable Podcasts.
• Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
• Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s
• LAN RJ45
• USB A for USB storage media
• Supported formats: MP3, AAC, WAV, Flac, WMA, LPCM, ALAC.

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Input sensitivity by 1W at 8 ohms -16,3 Dbv
Harmonic distortion <0.02%
Inputs analogue 3x Cinch, 1 Paar XLR
Inputs digital 2x opt. Toslink, 1x Koax S/PDIF, 1x USB A for storage media
Outputs 1x Cinch Pre-Out
Output power at 8 ohms 2x 100W
Output power at 4 ohms 2x 180W
Transmissionrange 1Hz-110kHz(-3dB)
Standby connection <0,35W
Supply voltage (V) 115V/230V switchable
Size (w x h x d) in cm 453 x 130 x 345 mm
Weight in kg 13,30 kg

in the test

Image Hifi

Image Hifi, Nr.143, 05/2018


Streaming Verstärker im Review.

Das High-End Magazin Image-Hifi hat sich in seiner neuesten Ausgabe den A10S genauer angeschaut.

Das Fazit:

"Betrachten Sie den Aurum A 10 S zuerst als Vollverstärker, der eine in seiner Preisklasse unge­wöhnliche Souveränität an den Tag legt. Dabei reicht er die spezifischen Qualitäten vorgeschalteter Elek­tronik mühelos an die Lautsprecher weiter. Eben dar­um verdient er exzellente Quellen; Phonostufe und SACD-Player bleiben unverzichtbar. Das Streaming­Board ist ein willkommenes Tor zu den unendlichen Weiten der Musik im Internet. Wer sich weiterhin auf seine Tonträger zu Hause konzentriert oder schon ei­ne separate Streaming-Lösung besitzt, der sollte sich den weitgehend baugleichen A 8 ansehen. Das The­ma Verstärker kann man mit einem Aurum im Regal jedenfalls für viele Jahre zufrieden abhaken. "

Vielen Dank für die tolle Bewertung!


Streaming amplifier under review.

High-end magazine image hifi took a close look at the A10S in its latest edition.


“Consider the Arum A 10 S first and foremost as an amplifier that carries exceptional authority for one in its price class. It effortlessly transmits the exact qualities of the upstream electronics to the loudspeakers. Which is why it deserves excellent sources; the phono stage and SACD player are indispensable. The streaming board is a welcome gateway to the infinite vastness of music in the Internet. Anyone who still wants to concentrate on their audio recordings at home or who already owns a separate streaming solution should take a look at the largely identical A 8. With an Aurum product on your shelf, you can happily tick off the subject of amplifiers for many years to come.”

Thank you for the great review!

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Our stereo amplifier and high-res streamer AURUM A10S achieved top marks in AV-Magazin Thank you for this excellent score. SUMMARY: "The AURUM A10S masterfully combines potent amplifying technique with smart streaming functions. Thanks to the powerful sound of the network player it offers practical added value for demanding music lovers, ensuring the Aurum A10S provides a particular and passionate listening experience."

Sound - 100%
Practicality - 100%
Processing - 100%
Class - High-end
Value for money - Very good

Of course you can see EVERY finger print!
After all, it is high gloss.


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