Top-of-the-line CD player
Our top-of-the-line C5 CD player employs uncompromising design to make sure an audio CD’s bits and bytes flawlessly unfurl their musical art.


Top-of-the-line CD player

Our top-of-the-line C5 CD player employs uncompromising design to make sure an audio CD’s bits and bytes flawlessly unfurl their musical art. Sophisticated vibration dampers detach the drive from its environment. Besides many other highlights, such as the discretely designed Class A output stages, the unit provides the most natural, distortion-free sound possible, with no analytical feel. For an optimal connection to the A5 top-of-the-line amplifier, completely symmetrical XLR sockets are available.

Digital technology:

Using a technically demanding process, the CD player’s laserunit constantly under goes automatic alignment and calibration. Because the digital component’s focus tracking and EFbalance are regularly aligned, the device plays all CDs with extreme precision — even years down the road.

For AURUM CD players, AURUM’s developers exclusively use24bit/192KHz Burr Brown D/A converters.

The outstanding converter of the new C5 DA is now able to beused as external D/A-converter as well.

Analogue technology:

To design the highest level of acoustic behaviour into the AURUM CD player, Bessel filters are installed for optimal pulse transmission.

For the audio paths, AURUM developers use BIFET operational amplifiers, making AURUM CD player especially low in noise and distortion. They also transmit a very broad frequency response.The result is a significant increase in music reproduction dynamics.

For the signal paths, our engineers exclusively use premium, Germanmade Polypropylene film capacitors, no lossy electrolytic capacitors. This type of signal transmission very effectively minimizes distortion. Various innovative filters see to it that AURUM CD players operate trouble free.

For the AURUM C3 and C5 DA, particularly quiet drive motors are used.

Power supply technology:

AURUM CD players are designed with a technically complex passive secondary filter. This separates the analogue band from the digital band, so that the two bands don’t influence each other. The result is significant sound improvement versus conventionally designed units.

The AURUM Standby eco-adapter consumes less than 0.5 watts of power.

The transformers have been developed especially for AURUM Electronic. They use innovative spot welding technology and minimize the power adapter’s electromagnetic field. This allows the Equipment to operate trouble-free, and all AURUM CD players of the same series have the same fascinating sound.

Symmetric disturbances are in every power grid, and asymmetric disturbances through a device’s housing or mass negatively influence an amplifier’s acoustic behaviour. However, these are eliminated by a broadband power filter, guaranteeing the greatest possible music enjoyment. Another special filter prevents annoying hum from the toroidal transformer.

Special features of the AURUM C5 DA:

The AURUM development department has endowed the AURUM C5 DA with separate power adapters for standby, digital and analogue supply. This technically very clean process detaches the individual sections and provides the device with the highest level of trouble-free operation.

And again, to increase the CD unit’s precision, the C5 DA additionally works with a master clock generator. This makes it stand out from other CD players of its class, and has the desired results of improved sound and temperature stability. What’s more, the use of a re-clocking design for all relevant stages of the C5 DA leads to the highest possible timing precision.

The discretely designed CLASS A output stages make for warm, almost distortion-free sound.

Besides for optimal signal transmission, the C5 DA offers the benefits of balanced output (XLR). This process allows signal transmission with an earth conductor that bears no signal flows.

The CD drive is supported on vibration dampers, which prevents ambient vibration from transferring to the drive. Also, the drive’s laser unit is equipped with special vibration protection.



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Noise ratio Chinch -92dB / XLR -98db
Harmonic distortion <0,005%
Outputs 1x analog Cinch R/L, 1x koaxial digital 1x symmetrisch R/L (XLR)
Transmissionrange 1Hz-22kHz(-3dB)
Analog output unbalanced 0dBr 2,0V
Outputs digital Cinch, SPDIF
Standby connection < 0,5 W
Supply voltage (V) 115 V / 230V switchable
Size (w x h x d) in cm 453 x 82 x 305 mm

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