Due to its uncompromising architecture, our C8 reference CD player provides the bits & bytes of a CD to reach their true potential totally unclouded.


Due to its uncompromising architecture, our C8 reference CD player provides the bits & bytes of a CD to reach their true potential totally unclouded. An undocked drive surrounded with sophisticated vibration dampers is just one of many technical highlights helping to make this a true reference class player. As true a reproduction to you actually being there when originally recording or performing is another testimony to the abilities of the C8 player.

Level of protection

• Class-A output stage for low distortion sound and great sonority. • Undisturbed operation at the highest level through individually decoupled sections.
• Separate power supplies for standby power and digital and analogue modules.
• The wideband filter clears external balanced disturbances from the power grid and unbalanced disturbances from the housing and „ground wire“.
• Disturbing buzzing of the ring core transformer is prevented by an additional filter.

Laser unit

• Permanent automatic adjustment of the laser unit (by continuous adjustment of focus, tracking and EF balance of the digital part, the device plays CDs extremely accurate, even after years).
• Additional vibration protection.

Digital signal processing

• Burr Brown D/A Converter with 24bit/192KHz.
• Bessel filter for optimal pulse transmission for best sound behavior.
• Master clock generator for increased precision (witch distinguishes it from other CD players of its class).
• additional sound enhancement and temperature stability.
• Reclocking concept for all relevant levels and highest accuracy in timing.

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Harmonic distortion <0,005%
Outputs 1 Paar analog Cinch,1x koaxial digital
Transmissionrange 1Hz-22kHz(-3dB)
Analog output unbalanced 0dBr 2,0V
Standby connection <0.35W
Size (w x h x d) in cm 453 x 82 x 305 mm
Weight in kg 6,80 kg

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Hifi Stars Magazin

Hifi Stars Magazin, Nr. 36, 09/17


Full amplifier Aurum A8 and CD player Aurum C8

Wishful thinking

The new combination of full amplifier Aurum A8 and CD player C8 provides independent of the musical genre and the connected Loudspeakers long, relaxed and at the same time stimulating listening sessions. It is the consistent development of the Aurum product range. The high-quality processing, the certainty that these timeless devices result from manual work in Germany (this applies even to the circuit boards!) and the consistent sound - tuned electronics are on the plus side of the combination. The amplifier is powerful, musical and without preference for a musical direction or certain frequency ranges - it is balanced and playful. I almost liked the CD player even more – next to its excellent timing, especially due to the open and distortion-free recording analog Class-A output stage. A real insider tip in this price class.

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Audio Test Magazin

Audio Test Magazin, 06/2017

AURUM A8 und C8


Mit dem CD-Player CS und dem Voll­verstärker AS erweitert Quadral seine Aurum Serie um zwei tolle Produkte, die in Kombination durch ihren gut­mütigen aber klaren Sound zu begeis­tern wissen. Das präzise Playback des CS ergänzt sich hervorragend mit der bassstarken Wiedergabe des AS. 



AURUM A8: sehr gut
AURUM C8: sehr gut

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