Chromium Style 8

The CHROMIUM STYLE 8 wins over with crystal clear highs and rich bass notes. It skilfully conceals its true size and abilities through clever, curvaceous design lines and, as a result, fits seamlessly into your living environment.

Type 3-way
Design principle bass reflex
Nominal/music power (W) 140/200
Frequency response (Hz) 32...55.000
Crossover frequency (Hz) 340/3.400
Efficiency (dB/1W/1m) 89
Impedance (Ohm) 4
Tweeter Aluminum ribbon
Midrange 155 mm Ø Titanium-PP
Woofer 2 x 180 mm Ø Titanium-PP
Size (w x h x d) in cm 100,6 x 20,85 x 34,35 cm
Weight in kg ca. 22,14 kg


STYLE 8 - Schwarz Hochglanz
STYLE 8 - Schwarz Hochglanz
STYLE 8 - Weiß Hochglanz
STYLE 8 - Weiß Hochglanz

Chromium Style 8
in the test


AUDIO TEST, 01/2019

AUDIO TEST 01/2019

CHROMIUM STYLE 8 tested in german magazine AUDIO TEST (01/2019) 

"The open 3-way Chromium Style 8 floorstand speaker from quadral once again underscores their solid electroacoustic expertise. Three drivers made of a titanium PP cone provide a rich sound foundation, which is further enhanced by a ribbon tweeter up to 55 kHz. With a lot of liveliness and a self-confident performance from front to back, the speaker quickly plays its way into our hearts, so we don't like to let it go again. Quadral has registered a good candidate for the top places in the upscale entry-level range with this transducer!


+ very lively, especially at heights
+ excellent location
+ well saturated basses

- no Bi-Wiring/Bi-Amping

Verdict: excellent (90 %)

You can read the complete test in the german magazine AUDIO TEST issue 01/2019., 08.10.2018


Die Quadral Chromium Style 8 ist besonders für Liebhaber von klassischer Musik, von Jazzmusik und von Pop im Stil der 80er Jahre extrem gut geeignet. Ihr exzellentes Auflösungsvermögen, die Fähigkeit, Stimmen hervorragend von den Chassis zu lösen und auch komplexen Instrumenten wie dem Saxophon oder dem Klavier eine hohe Ausdruckskraft mit auf den Weg zu geben, zeichnen die Style 8 im Besonderen aus. Wer demnach einen feinen, erstklassig verarbeiteten und über alle Maßen kultivierten Standlautsprecher in der 1.000 EUR-Liga sucht, kann hier praktisch bedenkenlos zugreifen.

Extrem kultivierter Standlautsprecher mit hervorragendem Auflösungsvermögen

Standlautsprecher Mittelklasse
Test 08. Oktober 2018


The Quadral Chromium Style 8 is particularly well-suited to lovers of classical music, jazz and 80s pop. Its excellent level of resolution and its ability to separate voices from the chassis brilliantly and to provide even complex instruments like the saxophone or the piano with a high level of expression are stand-out features of the Style 8. If you are looking for a floor-standing loudspeaker in the 1,000 EURO bracket that is elegant, extremely well finished and sophisticated by any standard, then look no further.

Extremely sophisticated floor-standing loudspeaker with outstanding level of resolution

Free-standing mid-range loudspeaker
Test 8 October 2018

Lesen Sie den ganze Test hier.
Read the full Test here., 19.01.2018

CHROMIUM Style Surround Set; STYLE 8, STYLE 1, STYLE 2, PHASE R6, QUBE 10

This actually the translation of our very good test at the lite magazin. Well proportioned, excellent, graceful – just the words we would use ourselves. lite magazine has listened to our Chromium Style series


Quadral’s Chromium series is well-proportioned, excellently made and clearly predestined for use in tastefully designed living areas, judging by its elegantly graceful form. Tasteful, refined, but also brutish and powerful when it needs to be - features also reflected in the sound performance. If you have the right AV receiver, you can easily fill rooms up to 50 square metres with the setup tested here. The description “fill” is chosen deliberately; the Quadral octet has a pair of flat loudspeakers that you can use flexibly to create more volume for Atmos use, delivering an even more impressive and more intensive home cinema experience.

Sound (60%) 1.0
Practicality (20%) 1.0
Spec. (20%)
Overall score 1.0
Class: Top category
Value for money: Very good

Read the full test here.


Heimkino, 1/2-2017


"Elegant and powerful" ... these are the first words of the current HEIMKINO edition about our STYLE & PHASE surround set

At the same time 8 loudspeakers went to HEIMKINO last month to face the critical eyes and ears of the test editorial. The "travel group" consisted of the new speakers PHASE A10, CHROMIUM STYLE models 1, 2 and 8 as well as powerful subwoofer QUBE 12. With a "soundtip" and grade 1+ in the luggage, the set took off for the journey home; and this to the great joy of those who stayed home. The conclusion of the testers: "With the slim, excellently processed chromium set, quadral has succeeded a big pitch. The 5.1.2 home cinema set that we have tested delivers first-class film sound, which is dynamic, tonal and convincing in terms of spatiality throughout the line. The Qube 12 is an extremely powerful subwoofer in our set for captivating and dry bass reproduction, two Dolby Atmos PHASE A10 units deliver the third dimension of the film sound from above. quadral Chromium Style: a real recommendation for demanding home cinema and hi-fi lovers!

Class - top class
Testimonial - OUTSTANDING(1+)
Price/offer: very good
Read more in the HEIMKINO 1/2-2017


VIDEO, 05/2016


"Extra class" - Video tested big surround sets

Three 5.1 sets were compared against each other in the trade magazine Video (05/2016). Among them our CHROMIUM STYLE-Ensemble, consisting of STYLE 8, STYLE 2, STYLE 1 Base, and QUBE 12. The judgement of the testers: very good (price/ratio: outstanding). "The seamless weld together, largely accurate team from Lower Saxony in Germany convinces with a perfect final touch and sonic finesse". In addition, it got the title "price tip" and we can only endorse that.

HiFi World UK

HiFi World UK, März 2016


Great Eight! – HI-FI WORLD UK tested CHROMIUM STYLE 8

Good news from the hifi-isle. In their March edition the specialist journal "HI-FI WORLD UK" tested Chromium Style 8 with a veeeery pleasing result:


The quadral CHROMIUM 8s are a handsome-looking floorstander with a quality of performance that belies their £1750 asking price. They are unerringly musical with a natural, balanced sound that allies detail to a punchy bass and rich treble. I’ve heard loudspeakers costing twice as much which don’t have the all-round quality of the quadrals – which makes them something of a bargain!

5 of 5 globes
OUTSTANDING – amongst the best.

VALUE – keenly priced

VERDICT – A refined sound from a sophisticated product. Superb

- natural, balanced sound
- deep, clean bass
- extended treble

- nothing at the price

Complete test


Stereoplay, 03/2016


Black magic – CHROMIUM STYLE 8 stereoplay- check

Stereoplay dedicated their topic to “Big floorstanders up to 2,500 €” in the issue 03/2016. Although CHROMIUM STYLE 8 is clearly under the limit with its 2,000 €, it is not to be missed. Stereoplay test rating: sound (absolute top class) 58 points, overall assessment 79 points and price/performance “very good”. The editor Andreas Günther writes in the conclusion: “Grandly and powerful. This loudspeakers´ rendering is bigger than the rather slimmer manufacturing would lead to assume. Big boosts reach ears and midriff. Superb tweeters generate air and space.”

audiovision Device of the year 2015/2016

audiovision Device of the year 2015/2016, 02/2016

Device of the year 2015/2016 - quadral CHROMIUM STYLE set

Big award from audiovision readers. In the category 5.1 loudspeakers between 2,000 and 4,000 Euro the CHROMIUM STYLE SET, consisting of STYLE 8, STYLE 2, STYLE 1 BASE and QUBE 12, has been named device of the year. We say thank you to everyone who voted for us!

Audio "Goldenes Ohr 2016"

Audio "Goldenes Ohr 2016",

Once again readers of AUDIO and stereoplay were called for the election. 33,070 readers followed this call and named their favorites in varied categories. quadral stood on the rostrum three times. CHROMIUM STYLE 8 got bronze in the category floorstanding loudspeakers up to 3,000 Euro. A big thank you to all participants!


audiovision, 11/2015

Test CHROMIUM STYLE-Set, including STYLE 8, STYLE 2, STYLE 1 BASE and QUBE 12

With the title "stylish" the specialist magazine audiovision took a closer look at the big CHROMIUM STYLE set, including STYLE 8, STYLE 2, STYLE 1 BASE and QUBE 12. The result: a "highlight" and in the evaluation "very good" with 87 of 100 points. The conclusion of the testers: "For eyes and ears Quadrals Chromium Style set has lots to offer. Besides its very homogeneous airy rendering it convinces with clean low reaching basses and a high level quality. A real home cinema highlight." Look it up! In the audiovision edition 11/2015.


AUDIO, 12/2015


Sound judgement: 89 points

Price/performance: outstanding

Result: Precisely invented, reasonably made: the production quality is on global level – which is why the price is confusing. Chromium Style 8 comes along almost too low priced. “Bargain” as expression is prohibited, but the equivalent value is too high. The quadral takes action very powerfully and stable with the additional preciseness of the ribbon tweeter. The panorama is sweeping, the punch fulminate. Esteem in every detail., October 2015


CHROMIUM STYLE 8 – Bigger than its appearance

… under this heading the high-end online magazine "Fairaudio" took a closer view on the new CHROMIUM STYLE 8 with the following result (excerpt): "In this price section around 2,000 Euro I indeed haven't listened to any similar adult, fully developed, and especially, balanced sounding loudspeaker, which is able to satisfy on the long run fatigue-free musically and tonally. ..." Read the full test including the detailed result and many more facts under: