Whether it is passionate solo voices on CD or the thunder of a live hard rock concert on DVD, the PLATINUM M40 let’s you experience the stage performance up, close and personal.


Whether it is passionate solo voices on CD or the thunder of a live hard rock concert on DVD, the PLATINUM M40 let’s you experience the stage performance up, close and personal. Its bass pressure comes from two 17 cm chassis with aluminium membranes. Meanwhile, quadral’s agile, highly resilient    RiCom V ring transducer takes care of the fine, solid overtones.

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Type 3-way
Design principle pressure chamber/ bass reflex
Nominal/music power (W) 160/240 W
Frequency response (Hz) 28...50.000 Hz
Crossover frequency (Hz) 320/2450 Hz
Efficiency (dB/1W/1m) 89 dB
Impedance (Ohm) 4...8
Tweeter RiCom-V
Midrange 135 mm Ø Alu
Woofer 2 x 170 mm Ø Alu
Size (w x h x d) in cm 1000,4 x 210 x 317,5 mm
Weight in kg 22,4 kg
Warranty 5 years
M40 - Schwarz Hochglanz
M40 - Schwarz Hochglanz
M40 - Weiß Hochglanz
M40 - Weiß Hochglanz

in the test




Sound from all sides!

Large multi-channel test at AREA DVD: 10 quadral loudspeakers lined up to create the perfect surround sound. In detail: 2x quadral PLATINUM M40, 2x PLATINUM M20, 1x PLATINUM M10 BASE, 1x QUBE 12 and 4x the new effect-stage PHASE A10. Together, the ensemble won the title "price class reference". The bottom line of the test project: multi-channel experts from Hanover: The Quadral 5.1.4-set pleased us in the test with a far above-average performance. The spatial effect with four tower modules is gigantic; one feels enveloped by all sides and in all dimensions of sound. The quadral ensemble converts very well, what “immersive sound” wants to achieve. All components are level-resistant. The QUBE 12 active subwoofer impresses furthermore with its impressive design. The built-in output stage with a full 500 watt sine-wave power fits into the first-class overall picture of this multi-channel system. Thanks to the RiCom V tweeter, the Platinum components included in the set, play up to 50 kHz, making them ideal for high-definition audio media. The processing is excellent, even in the detail we do not find any defects. The top firing modules, phase A10, however, are technically - with a broadband chassis - very simple. Here the competition (KEF, ELAC TS3030) puts in more effort. With the 5.1.4 set of Platinum M, Phase A10 and QUBE12, quadral delivers an impressive statement for modern multi-channel sound"

Result: Price class reference (multi-channel loudspeaker sets upper class), the test of 18.11.2016 is available  here

Audio Leserwahl Goldenes Ohr

Audio Leserwahl Goldenes Ohr, 2014

Audio Leserwahl Goldenes Ohr 2014

AUDIO readers award "Goldenes Ohr 2014"
1. place category speaker
(floorstand speaker up to 2000 Euro)

Download the PDF here

Auerbach Verlag, reader's award 2014

Auerbach Verlag, reader's award 2014, 12/2014


Auerbach Verlag, reader's award 2014
1st place
cathegory floorstand speaker up to 2000 €, August 2013


„Plain speaking

The Quadral Platinum M40 is not stingy when it comes to its advantages. The ample and innovative configuration gives it a powerful sound, which does not lose any of its impressiveness at high volumes. This guarantees overall neutral tonal tuning with particularly non-stressful and therefore relaxed musical enjoyment. This speaker is recommended for use in medium sized and large lounges and you will be enchanted by the supreme bass power, punchy mid-tones and high definition high-tones.

sound: very good
configuration: very good
workmanship: very good
class: top class
value for money: very good

(translated by quadral)

Read the original review here

Download the PDF here


AUDIO TEST, March 2013


"This speaker has even managed to improve it’s sound over the years and is worth to be upgraded in our appreciation. The PLATINUM M40 suits all music styles. We are convinced that this speaker will find lots of enthusiasts. "

Value for money: very good
Test result: 89/100

(translated by quadral)




Video, Feburary 2013

PLATINUM M range, 5.1 box set, consisting of: M40, M20, M10 base, QUBE 10 | and PLATINUM M40 used as the stereo speaker

+ fine, hi-fi playing style with sculptural interpretation power
- slightly centred tuning in surround mode

Test verdict: Good Value for money: Very good 72%


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