QUBE 10 aktiv

The ideal deep-bass extension.
With a keen will to perform and musical adaptability, the Qube 10 is attractive for both hi-fi and surround systems. 

Valuable premium connector cabel included.

QUBE 10 aktiv

The ideal deep-bass extension.
With a keen will to perform and musical adaptability, the Qube 10 is attractive for both hi-fi and surround systems. Its built-in amplifier puts out an enormous 200/280 watts and helps the large 260 mm long-stroke woofers achieve thrust one would never expect. Four stable feet hold the massive housing to make sure it doesn’t lose its grip on the floor. It is rare to find cultivated elegance and genuine power united with such perfection.

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Type active subwoofer
Design principle bass reflex, downfire
Nominal/music power (W) 200/280 W
Frequency response (Hz) 22...200 Hz
Crossover frequency (Hz) 50...200 Hz variable
Woofer 260 mm
Input sensitivity (mV) 250 mV
Standby connection 0,5 Watt
Phase 0...180°
Supply voltage (V) 115/230 ~ switchable
Size (w x h x d) in cm 420x320x390 mm
Weight in kg 16,5 kg
Warranty 2 years
QUBE 10 - Schwarz Hochglanz oder Seidenglanz
QUBE 10 - Schwarz Hochglanz oder Seidenglanz
QUBE 10 - Weiß Hochglanz oder Seidenglanz
QUBE 10 - Weiß Hochglanz oder Seidenglanz

QUBE 10 aktiv
in the test, 28.10.2018

PLATINUM+ five 7.2 Set


With the Platinum+, quadral dramatically increases the pressure on the competition. The raw feel and simultaneously refined sound of our 7.2 high-end surround setup makes a real statement. Whether it’s for effect-loaded movie sound or sophisticated music playback, the Platinum+ series is captivating in its elegance, sensitivity and a fantastic three-dimensionality. If you add together the really first-class workmanship, integrative options, great design and high flexibility, this setup almost seems cheap at about 7,000.

Sound (60%): 1.0
Practicality (20%): 1.0
Spec (20%): 1.1
Overall mark: 1.0
Class: Top category
Price/performance: Very good

In the test PLATINUM+ five, PLATINUM+ one, PHASE R6, PHASE 180 & QUBE 10
26 October 2018

Read the full test here.


HEIMKINO, Ausgabe 6/7//18


If you don’t want to sacrifice sound quality and still want an elegant speaker set suitable for any living space, then the quadral Platinum+ set has the answer. This perfectly finished loudspeaker set is inspirational in its almost noble design and extra-slim dimensions, yet it still delivers first-class sound of the highest quality. Along with the Dolby Atmos-compatible Phase A10 and a double-pack of compact yet powerful active Qube 10 woofers, the quadral Platinum+ five set is a real treat for the eyes and ears!,


“Good even better” – AV-magazine tested the CHROMIUM STYLE 5.1 set

The online AV-magazine took a closer look at our CHROMIUM STYLE 5.1 set. The following test candidates took off: 2x STYLE 6, 2x STYLE 2, 1x STYLE 1 BASE, and the QUBE 10 Aktiv. The result of the tester: “With the new Chromium Style series quadral offers elegant and powerful sounding loudspeakers, which distinguish themselves by a relaxed and harmonically balanced sound. Manufacturing and material are of first class. That is why this home theatre set is without exception recommended as sound furniture for sophisticated music and sound lovers.”

Expressed in grades: “Very good” (top class)

Read the complete test:,

Grade 1+ for quadral RHODIUM 5.1. set “This is how home cinema comes into your living room”

After the Lite magazine already hosted RHODIUM 500 and RHODIUM 200 as guests in an individual test, the surround set, comprising of both mentioned, RHODIUM 100 BASE, and QUBE 10 were analyzed as well. The result: Grade 1+ in the top class. We say “wow” and read excitedly the outcome of the testers: “The chosen Quadral Rhodium setup shows explicitly that the whole thing can be more than just the sum of its parts. Although I already knew what the Rhodium 500 was capable of in stereo mode, this 5.1. set – comprising of a floorstander 500, shelf speaker 200, Rhodium 100 Base, and the powerful Qube 10 active subwoofer – truly knocked me off. Therefore, the Quadral Rhodium surround set is a combination which is successfully in every detail and suitable for every living environment, hence first class manufactured loudspeakers to a completely reasonable price of 2800 Euro!”

Read the complete test from January 13, 2016:,

TEST: Quadral Chromium Style 5.1-Set

Perfect home cinema sound for lovers of detail
… with this title the took a close look at our new CHROMIUM STYLE 5.1. set. Since the CHROMIUM STYLE 6 has already been convincing, the result for the surround-set is as equally positive. The conclusion is "In the surround test Quadrals Chromium set keeps what it has promised. In combination with the active subwoofer Qube 10 it slides through the room with a precisely- dynamical processed home cinema sound that impresses in all aspects. Beyond, the well thought out designed loudspeakers generate an extremely good upgrade to every living room only with their pure optics without taking too much attention." The result was an overall rating of 1.0 in the "top class".
Read here the complete test result:



5.1 PLATINUM M-Set, bestehend aus: PLATINUM M35, PLATINUM M20, PLATINUM M10 und QUBE 10

5.1 PLATINUM M-Set, bestehend aus:

Quadral beschreitet mit dem Platinum M-Set technisch eigene Wege, und zwar in die richtige Richtung. Ein so entspanntes und trotzdem präzises Klangbild hören auch die Tester von audiovision nicht alle Tage - schon gar nicht für 3.000 Euro."

audiovision PREISTIPP

"+ knackige und druckvolle Basswiedergabe
+ sauberes Klangbild mit weiträumiger Abbildung
+ sehr gutes Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis
- geringe Empfindlichkeit"

AUSSTATTUNG sehr gut 4/5
av-wertung sehr gut 84 von 100, 08/2013


"HCC verdict:

Highs: Controlled, detailed and civilised performance; excellent build quality; handsome design; affordable
Lows: Slight lack of low-end extension and sense of excitement; fairly large enclosure

Performance: 4/5
Design: 4.5/5
Features: 4/5
Overall: 4/5"

Read the original review here

Video 07/2013

Video 07/2013, July 2013

QUBE 10 active

"Anyone who wants to be able to appreciate more than just superb home cinema reproduction and places great importance on excellent stereo reproduction should listen to the CHROMIUM STYLE set.“

Test verdict: Good
Value for money: Excellent, 73%
video "best buy" recommendation

(translated by quadral), 03/2013

Test report: CHROMIUM STYLE 5.1 set - STYLE 52, STYLE 32, STYLE 12 BASE and QUBE 10.


"The Chromium Style home cinema set from Quadral gives you first-class tone quality coupled with an elegant, modern and timeless design. The generous technical configuration enables the Chromium Style set to produce a powerful, gripping sound, which guarantees impressive music and film sound reproduction."


+ good spatiality
+ powerful bass reproduction
+ impressive reproduction capabilities

Assessment: Excellent sound Excellent fittings


Heimkino, 2/3-2013

PLATINIUM M Series, 5.1-speaker set consisting of: PLATINUM M30, M20, M10 base, QUBE 10

The sextet that we tested captivated us through its excellent workmanship, its ample configuration and its fair pricing. This impressive complete package is topped off by the excellent sound qualities of the Platinum set when reproducing film sound and music, which impresses all the way down the line. Anyone looking for a superb 5.1 surround set for use at home should go immediately to their local dealer for a demonstration of Quadral’s new Platinum range of speakers."

+ Superb reproduction
+ Excellent workmanship
+ Homogeneous surround setting

HOME CINEMA top class
Test verdict: outstanding 1.1

(translated by quadral)


Video, Feburary 2013

PLATINUM M range, 5.1 box set, consisting of: M40, M20, M10 base, QUBE 10 | and PLATINUM M40 used as the stereo speaker

+ fine, hi-fi playing style with sculptural interpretation power
- slightly centred tuning in surround mode

Test verdict: Good Value for money: Very good 72%, 01/2013

CHROMIUM STYLE range, 5.1 box set, consisting of: STYLE 52, STYLE 12 BASE and QUBE 10

CHROMIUM STYLE range, 5.1 box set, consisting of: STYLE 52, STYLE 12 BASE and QUBE 10

The Quadral Chromium Style set including QUBE 10 active is, same as the first Chromium Style ensemble that we tested, a hit in every regard! Excellent workmanship gives it both a truly noble appearance and polished acoustics. The expensive and complex ribbon tweeter ensures that the Style 52 and Style 12 Base give the optimum values for this price class, especially with regard to homogeneity and an extensive high tone range. The coupling of the ribbons to the mid-tone ranges, which is quite a problem on its own, has been completed brilliantly by Quadral, as the sound appears to come from a single source. The precise voice reproduction and authentic spatiality make the mid-tone ranges extremely satisfying to listen to. The new QUBE 10 has worked wonders for the bass ranges. The new active subwoofer is powerful, precise and has tremendous depth."

5.1 speaker system in the upper mid-range class

+ First-class high frequency range – pleasant and rich in detail
+ Excellent voice reproduction
+ Superb spatiality
+ QUBE 10 has a rich bass and high precision reproduction
+ Very homogenous acoustic field with four upright speakers
+ Superior workmanship
+ Superb appearance

- Only in two high gloss finishes
- No Bi-amping/Bi-wiring

(translated by quadral)


Hifi-Vision, 40/2018

PLATINUM+ five Heimkino Set

Mit im Test waren PLATINUm+ five, PLATINUM+ one, QUBE 10, PHASE 16, PHASE A10


Silberklasse<br/> Testurteil - fünf Sterne Preis/Leistung - Sehr gut Ausgabe 40/2018

QUBE Subwoofer

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