QUBE 7 Aktiv

There is no escape when the QUBE 7 takes the listener right down into the dark depths of the bass.
This compact miracle of technology captures everyone with its power and impressive precision. The high-gloss baffle and top quality workmanship really shine through.

Type active subwoofer
Design principle bass reflex
Nominal/music power (W) 70/100 W
Frequency response (Hz) 33...(50...150) Hz
Woofer 220 mm Ø
Size (w x h x d) in cm 326 x 296 x 315 mm
QUBE 7 - Schwarz Hochglanz/ Schwarz Dekor
QUBE 7 - Schwarz Hochglanz/ Schwarz Dekor
QUBE 7 - Weiß Hochglanz/ Weiß Dekor
QUBE 7 - Weiß Hochglanz/ Weiß Dekor

QUBE 7 Aktiv
in the test




“Sound-recommendation for price-conscious Heimkino magazine fans” – ARGENTUM 5.2 set in the Lite test

Great recommendation of Lite magazine for ARGENTUM 5.2 set, consisting of ARGENTUM 590, 520, 510 BASE and 2x QUBE 7. The result: “A full-grown surround set of a brand manufacturer, consisting of five loudspeakers and two subwoofers, which are suitable for the living room and on top also affordable. This does not only sound tempting on paper, but also in practice and is available at quadral. The tested quadral Argentum series has convinced with its excellent manufacturing, a refreshing dynamical and clear sound in stereo, a thrilling multi-channel performance, and large pressure and reserve capacity. In short: this 5.2 – setup is an unrestricted recommendation for price-conscious movie friends, who are looking for a full-grown and beautiful surround system for the living room. “Grade A+ (middleclass) and full 100% in terms of sound. More is not possible ... Read the complete test here., 11/2013

5.1 surround set; consisting of: FERRUM 7000 and QUBE 7


Top class speaker sets from Lower Saxony – the Ferrum set that we tested left a masterful impression. Quadral have proved that top quality can still be produced in every regard even if the purchase price is low: The Ferrum 7000 F front speakers are visually sleek and modern and they also have an excellent finish. Acoustically the set was vibrant, with superb level stability and it was a joy to listen to. Furthermore, the extremely compact Qube 7 is also a tremendous surprise. It would be very difficult to find a better solution for a purchase price of around 1,300 euros that includes an active subwoofer and even in the more expensive price classes up to 2,000 euros it is not easy to find another set that can out-perform this Ferrum set."

Excellence is not a question of price – Quadral’s Ferrum set plus the Qube 7 produces a top class all-round result

5.1 Surround sets (up to 2000 €)
November 27, 2013

(translated by quadral)


HEIMKINO, 11-12/2016

“Big Seller”

... This is how home theater in edition 11-12 / 2016 titled the test of our ARGENTUM surround sets. ARGENTUM 570 in the front, ARGENTUM 510 BASE as center, 2 QUBE 7 subwoofers and brand new PHASE 180 as rear speakers were tested. The conclusion: "The current version of quadral Argentum sets provide an elegant look, clean manufacturing and surprisingly adult sound quality, which can satisfy even demanding music and home cinema lovers. Here, the Argentum-set does not cost a fortune and is an absolute price-performance insider tip! Especially in our tested version with two compact Qube-7-subwoofers in double and phase-180 rear speakers for convenient wall mounting Argentum series makes a whole lot of sense in home cinema sound. "
The result speaks for itself: 1.1 Outstanding in the top class and a home theater price tip on top.

QUBE Subwoofer

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