In the meantime virtually every D/A converter, every streaming device, etc., has a high-end output volume control. What more could we do to make the top selling products from our AURUM range fully active?


320 Watt tempest

In the meantime virtually every D/A converter, every streaming device, etc., has a high-end output volume control. What more could we do to make the top selling products from our AURUM range fully active?

In our in-house discussions we managed to meet our own requirements once again: Bass, mid-tones and treble should have their own amplifiers, cleanly filtered by the high-end amplifier and have a variety of adjustable options. State-of-the-art class D amplifiers we cope with the tremendous performance requirements in the bass and undertone ranges and for the exceptional detail and clarity of the typical quadral ribbon tweeter in the analog amplifier,  developed by ourselves.

In order to be able to take full advantage of the loss-free coupling to the amplifier, we have fitted the superb midrange from our AURUM TITAN in the ORKAN active. The extremely strong magnet used in conjunction with the high-power amplifier ensures that this midrange plays in its own league. Its superb dynamics and unbelievably detail-loving reproduction in the midranges are suitably accompanied by the long-throw, low distortion woofer and the brilliant ribbon tweeter.

These excellent technical details will melt into a homogeneous entity during extensive listening sessions. Nothing stands out and nothing is missing as everything has its place and it is all part of the single entity. Listening to music will become a special treat thanks to its naturalness and its dynamics, as the ORKAN active will bring out every nuance in the music and make it breathtaking and exciting at the same time.


1. A switchable high-pass filter lets the listener choose between expanded deep bass or increased maximum levels. This can also result in a higher working frequency that clearly reduces strong room resonances below 50Hz. Furthermore, this circuit also produces an additional sub-sonic filter, whereby the speaker is relieved for extremely deep bass. You can see from illustrations 1 and 2 that this filter does not have any effect in its neutral position and the interconnected high-pass for ALTAN and ORKAN can be defined separately.
2. The so-called semi-parametrical equalizer gives you the option of processing a specific small frequency range. The set 1/3 octave bandwidth and the freely selectable frequency and peaks will enable you to make room corrections as well as individual tone adjustments. This will give you a tremendous number of options for eliminating positioning problems, especially when used in conjunction with the switchable high-pass filter.

Why have active speakers?

You only have the option of lowering the SPL in a particular frequency range with passive speakers. This results in a considerable loss of amplifier power and the acoustic engineer is very restricted when it comes to adjusting the frequency responses.
Conversely, many filters and tone controls can be used with an active speaker at very low cost and its own amplifier can be used to directly control the individual sound transducers. This allows to adjust the complete speaker very precisely. An active box will play far more dynamically at the same amplified power as the filter does not cause any losses.
Another advantage, making our active models more efficient is that the owner always has the option of making fine and precise tone adjustments. This means that you can either eliminate any problems arising in a specific room or merely nuance the tone to the type of music being played or to suit your personal tastes.

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Design principle pressure chamber/ bass reflex
Tweeter ribbon
Midrange 1 x 170 mm Ø ALTIMA ®
Woofer 2 x 170 mm Ø ALTIMA ®
Input Impedance (XLR) 47 kOhm
Inputsensitivity (XLR) 100mV/87dBSPL
Input impediance (line) 33 kOhm
Input sensitivity (line) 100mV/87dB SPL
Max. input voltage (XLR / RCA) 6V / 6 V
Output power (complete) 320 W (3 stages)
Harmonic distortion <0.05%
Transmissionrange 28 Hz - 65.000 Hz
Unbalanced (unsymmetrisch) 1 x RCA
Balanced (symmetrisch) 1x XLR
Auto off (Stand by) after 90 minutes
Input normal operation 14,3 W
Input full scale 350 W
Standby connection <0,2 W
Supply voltage (V) 100V/115V ~60Hz, 230V ~50Hz
Size (w x h x d) in cm 102,2 x 22,2 x 44,8 cm
Weight in kg 32,6 kg


AURUM ORKAN AKTIV - Weiß Hochglanz
AURUM ORKAN AKTIV - Weiß Hochglanz
AURUM ORKAN AKTIV - Schwarz Hochglanz
AURUM ORKAN AKTIV - Schwarz Hochglanz
190 possible RAL colors.
190 possible RAL colors.

in the test




Emperor of sound - AURUM ORKAN Aktiv in AREA DVD test

The test of our big Aktiv starts with a question: ”Quadral Aurum Orkan Aktiv – gusty wind or mild breeze?” If you read further in the result the answer is quite explicit: “In sound, Quadral Aurum Orkan Aktiv sets standards for all so far tested active loudspeakers. Absolute conclusive coarse and fine dynamics, homogeneous interpretation, excellent bass, outstanding voice reproduction, fine distinction of acoustic levels, and a splendid level stability. Who is only looking for maximum audio performance can now start to grab unhesitating, if the financial recourses are available. We cannot give away a reference or masterpiece, because of the equipment deficits: No preamplifier section, no USB-DAC, no Bluetooth. Even though lots of audio fans are not really interested in these features, we think, for this immense purchase price they should be on board.”

The closing line of this test editing: “Undisputed “Emperor of sound” with equipment deficits” and the grade “Outstanding” (active loudspeakers luxury class)

Read the complete test of 16 March, 2016 here