MAGIQUE XL and MAGIQUE XS are sound decks that combine an elegant timeless design with contemporary, fully active, sound technology. The high-quality loudspeaker and amplifier match-up produces a breath-taking soundstage while providing clear speech intelligibility. With this feature, the MAGIQUE creates a cinema style atmosphere inside your living room. Music, from a smartphone, a PC, or a tablet can be played via Bluetooth also with highly accurate sound quality. Both MAGIQUEs have an optical and a coaxial digital port as well as an analogue port – thus, a Bluray, a CD, and a DVD-player can be connected easily.

To complete the layout MAGIQUE XL and MAGIQUE XS are engineered with a Dolby® digital-decoder and a ‘learning function’, allowing you to operate your sound deck comfortably with the remote control of your TV. MAGIQUE XL and MAGIQUE XS are available in black and white.