NEW: quadral PLATINUM+ ten BASE

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With the PLATINUM+ ten BASE, quadral is now supplying an adequate centre speaker for the large PLATINUM+ models.

The new PLATINUM+ ten BASE is equipped with the first-class RiCom tweeter of the PLATINUM+ series, guaranteeing excellent reproduction of high-resolution audio files.

With two 18cm woofers and a vertical midrange/treble arrangement, it delivers sound pressure, precision and perfect dispersion for the demanding cineastes. Due to its equipment, it is also ideally suited to complement the older PLATINUM M series.

Many Thanks To All

[Translate to Englisch:] Norddeutschen Hifi Tagen 2019

Also this year we could present ourselves at the “Norddeutsche Hifi Tagen”. And with us were our brand-new high-end loudspeakers of the extra class, AURUM ALPHA and AURUM GAMMA.

On Saturday we were overwhelmed by the rush of many visitors, one demonstration followed the next - and that felt every minute.

It was great how well the visitors were partly prepared and already had a considerable amount of prior knowledge, which was really a pleasure.


The combination of our PLATINUM+ two with the top devices of Advance Acoustic (X-i125 and X-Stream 9) was a hammer - unexpected presence and power.


Many thanks to the Avinity team around Carsten Bröcker - great support and great cables. Our loudspeakers felt really well connected.


We are looking forward to the next events!


Your quadral team


[Translate to Englisch:] AURUK AKTIV FLYER

Download now as PDF:

Happy New Year!

[Translate to Englisch:] Happy New Year

Happy New Year! 

We wish you a happy new 2019.

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It’s a breeze! quadral expands its range with exclusive, active stereo models

• Compact Bluetooth loudspeakers that meet the highest demands
• Breeze blue L and breeze blue XL stereo pairs with the usual high-quality quadral acoustics
• Available in black and white high-gloss finish

Bluetooth goes HiFi - With the new models breeze blue L and breeze blue XL the quadral Bluetooth portfolio is advancing into audiophile-stereo territories. The compact acoustic transducers complement the two individual breeze one and breeze two loudspeakers, but they are designed as stereo loudspeakers in their own right. With output power of 2 x 35 or 2 x 45 watt respectively, they provide ample power reserves for an authentic HiFi performance in any situation.

As well as simple installation and easy-to-use wireless transmission, another obvious plus is the exceptionally authentic music reproduction. The usual high-quality quadral acoustics is guaranteed because only the very best, carefully-selected components are used in the compact stereo loudspeakers. Both the blue L and the blue XL incorporate a 25mm tweeter that plays up to 25,000 Hz in the XL format. The smaller blue L goes up to 20,000 Hz. The woofer is scaled for the breeze blue L at 80 mm and provides full, voluminous bass down to 100 Hz cut-off frequency. At 110 mm diameter, the breeze blue XL loudspeaker woofer even ensures energy and emphasis up to 60 Hz.

As well as the wireless transmission provided by all Bluetooth-compatible devices, the new breeze models also have a 3.5 mm jack input. A subwoofer output is also integrated to support the stereo pairs with a separate active bass loudspeaker. In addition, the breeze blue XL has an analogue cinch input as well as a digital S/PDIF interface. A USB charge port is also available. The connection between the two loudspeakers is created using high-quality screw terminals and conventional loudspeaker cables.

Recommended retail prices:
breeze blue L: €299
breeze blue XL: €399


Hanover, 28th may 2018

Powerful, precise, innovative – the new AURUM active loudspeaker series from quadral

Two new active floorstanding 3-way loudspeakers• High-performance integrated amplifier
• High-resolution streaming and remote control app
• quSENSE ribbon tweeter for maximum precision
• Proven ALTIMA membranes from the passive AURUM models
• Side-integrated subwoofers for a slim appearance
• DIRAC equalizing

quadral, the long-established Hanover-based manufacturer of high-quality loudspeakers and exclusive electronics presented two special highlights as part of this year’s High End, which took place from 10 to 13 May at the MOC exhibition centre in Munich: the AURUM ALPHA & AURUM GAMMA active loudspeakers were introduced to a demanding public for the first time.

The components impressed their audience with persuasive arguments including innovative features such as DIRAC room calibration alongside high-quality and powerful electronics, the tried and tested chassis from the passive AURUM series and a sophisticated cabinet construction.

Both models are 3-way floorstanding loudspeakers that work on a closed principle, driven by powerful integrated amplifiers. For the top AURUM ALPHA model, this is a rich 700 Watt. The smaller AURUM GAMMA model has an output power of 350 Watt.

A special feature and clear indicator of the manufacturer‘s aspiration for maximum acoustic performance: only the midwoofers and subwoofers are powered by digital class D amplifiers. The treble depends entirely on analogue amplifiers.

Combined with the outstanding quSENSE ribbon tweeter, they ensure absolute authenticity and brilliance. Maximum power and precision combined with excellent musicality produce the incomparably authentic and natural sound of the new AURUM active series. The amplifier modules are controlled by a high-performance digital signal processor. The precise requirements of each individual chassis are set with absolute precision by the DSP. With integrated DIRAC technology, the loudspeaker can be individually matched to any listening room, maximising every ounce of performance from this active loudspeaker.

High performance in the smallest space – the engineering feat of the cabinet construction in short. Despite the slim and attractive front, there is no compromise on acoustic power. The subwoofers are integrated on the side and play in a closed chamber, producing pulse fidelity with a pure and highly musical bass. The prerequisites for that however are very long-throw, low-distortion subwoofers that demand high performance.

It also requires a strong midwoofer connection. Fortunately we have designed the perfect loudspeaker cabinet. Well-known from the passive AURUM series, the quadral ALTIMA membranes deal with all these challenges and deliver charismatic mids and huge, clearly structured basses.

The AURUM active loudspeaker offers highly flexible transmission. In addition to an optical digital input and analogue symmetrical and unsymmetrical connectors, both the AURUM ALPHA and the AURUM GAMMA are equipped with a USB interface. Files on a connected USB memory device can be played back easily with the free AURUM app for iOs and Android. Of course, you can also play files from a PC in the network or a dedicated server in WAV, Flac, WMA, PCM, ALAC, MP3 and AAC formats. Hundreds of radio channels and podcasts are also available via airable and you can access the extensive library of the popular TIDAL service for streaming high-resolution content.

Both the AURUM ALPHA and AURUM GAMMA models, available in black and white piano finish, are expected to be launched in the autumn of 2018 in authorised dealers at the following prices:

AURUM ALPHA - €16,000/pair
AURUM GAMMA- €12,000/pair