quadral`s PLATINUM M family marks the unique harmony of an exquisite loudspeaker technique with the combination of perfect craftsmanship and carefully selected components that merge into one real masterpiece. Besides the high quality of the Real Cable© internal wiring the column loudspeakers include a pressure chamber, that provides rousing low tones. Low-vibrating cabinets are lavishly lacquered in a high gloss varnish and hand-polished. Big drive magnets and aluminium cones with an ingenious geometry inspire the perception of exciting bass runs and exhilarated flawless midranges. And to top it all, quadral’s ring radiator RiCom V tweeter.

Whether it’s analogue hi-fi stereo or digital surround-sound, PLATINUM M becomes the heart of your home and your perfect acoustic companion through the concert or through the movie. For home cinema use we recommend our QUBE 12 active subwoofer.

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