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Due to its uncompromising architecture, our AURUM C8 reference CD player provides the bits & bytes of a CD to reach their true potential totally unclouded. An undocked drive surrounded with sophisticated vibration dampers is just one of many technical highlights helping to make this a true reference class player.

As true a reproduction to you actually being there when originally recording or performing is another testimony to the abilities of the C8 player.

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Level of protection
• Class-A output stage for low distortion sound and great sonority. • Undisturbed operation at the highest level through individually decoupled sections.
• Separate power supplies for standby power and digital and analogue modules.
• The wideband filter clears external balanced disturbances from the power grid and unbalanced disturbances from the housing and „ground wire“.
• Disturbing buzzing of the ring core transformer is prevented by an additional filter.

Laser unit
• Permanent automatic adjustment of the laser unit (by continuous adjustment of focus, tracking and EF balance of the digital part, the device plays CDs extremely accurate, even after years).
• Additional vibration protection.

Digital signal processing
• Burr Brown D/A Converter with 24bit/192KHz.
• Bessel filter for optimal pulse transmission for best sound behavior.
• Master clock generator for increased precision (witch distinguishes it from other CD players of its class).
• additional sound enhancement and temperature stability.
• Reclocking concept for all relevant levels and highest accuracy in timing.

Additional information

Analog output unbalanced 0dBr


Noise-voltage gap

Cinch -92dB unaffected

Harmonic distortions


Frequency response


Power supply

115V / 230V switchable

Standby connection



1 pair of analog cinch, 1x coaxial digital

Size (w x h x d) in cm

45,3 x 8,2 x 30,5 cm

Weight in kg

6,80 kg