General FAQ

Are spare parts available for older quadral loudspeakers?

Spare parts are generally still available for 20-year-old models. Indeed, we will repair the especially high-quality chassis of the PHONOLOGUE models at the quadral plant. If you have a specific inquiry, please contact our spare parts service directly (tel. +49 (0)511 7904-120).

Which amplifiers are best suited to quadral loudspeakers?

Our loudspeakers do not place any high electrical demands on the amplifier. Therefore, they may also be operated with less expensive equipment which, for example, is designed for loudspeakers with 8 Ohm impedance. Nevertheless, quadral loudspeakers are easily able to render the acoustic properties of any system clearly audible. Therefore, we recommend using the best possible amplifier, like those of Nakamichi and others.

Are your loudspeakers also suitable for biwiring or biamping?

The quadral loudspeakers of the AURUM series, the top models of the PLATINUM M series and the SIGNO AVANTGARDE series are suitable for biwiring and biamping. Biwiring connection panels have been intentionally omitted from the models in the less expensive price categories because a better sound performance is achieved by using one high-quality cable rather than two low-price cables.

What output should my amplifier provide?

Choosing an amplifier whose output is up to twice the specified nominal power-handling capacity of the speakers does not present any problem provided you exercise a little care with the volume control. Beware of using maximum volume and certainly reduce the volume immediately if the speakers start to sound strained or shrill. Powerful amplifiers often sound superior to their smaller counterparts. Furthermore, the use of a weaker amplifier is no guarantee for trouble-free operation. If the power amp is driven beyond its limit and starts to "clip", then that results in harsh distortion which can damage the tweeters in particular.

How do I find my nearest quadral dealer?

Simply call our Sales Department (tel. +49 (0)511 7904-179/110).

What is the difference between dipole and bipolar loudspeakers?

A dipole loudspeaker, e.g. an open baffle, emits the acoustic energy to front and back 180° out of phase, i.e. it simultaneously generates pressure to the front and a partial vacuum to the rear - or vice versa. The pressure compensation in the proximity of the membrane (acoustic short-circuit) means that a great part of the bass energy is lost. Bipolar speakers on the other hand emit the sound to front and back in phase. These have an extra chassis on the rear wall of the cabinet. This method generates a spacious sound field while managing to avoid an acoustic short-circuit.

Are accessories like floor stands or wall brackets available for quadral loudspeakers?

All the loudspeakers of the AURUM and ASCENT series as well as all center speakers are magnetically shielded and can be placed directly above, below or adjacent to a television. Even the hi-fi speakers of the ARGENT series emit only a weak magnetic field and require no more than 10 cm clearance from the television.

What type of cable should I use?

A cable with a wire cross-section of 2.5 mm2 is adequate provided the length of cable required does not exceed 10 m. In fact, for cables up to 3 m, a wire cross-section of 1.5 mm2 is sufficient. You can of course use high-quality special cables in order to give the sound reproduction that final polish. Your local dealer will be pleased to advise you.

Are quadral loudspeakers compatible with Dolby Digital?

Most quadral loudspeakers are suitable for Dolby Digital. Merely some of the complete sets designed especially for Dolby Surround and marketed accordingly are not suitable for Dolby Digital.

Which center/rear combination fits best with my old quadral loudspeakers?

If you have quadral loudspeakers with ribbon tweeters, then we recommend you add center and rear speakers from the AURUM series. If you have large floorstanding speakers with dome tweeters, then we recommend a center/rear combination from the ASCENT (woofer with metal membrane) and ARGENT (woofer with paper membrane) series to complete your surround sound system. For medium and small main speakers we recommend the center and rear speakers of the ARGENT or CAERUL lines to complete your system.