Warranty Conditions

Warranty claim:

quadral provides the following unpaid voluntary warranty services in accordance with the following provisions if material or manufacturing defects occur in a quadral product during the warranty period and the quadral product is no longer suitable for the normal use described in the respective user manual of the product.

Warranty claims are excluded if

  • the malfunction is due to improper use of the quadral product which does not correspond to the normal use described in the operating instructions. The operating instructions can also be downloaded from our homepage www.quadral.com under “Service / Technology”.
  • the malfunction is due to harmful environmental influences, in particular if the quadral product is used in an environment for which it is not suitable according to the respective operating instructions, such as in the event of excessive moisture or heat,
  • the malfunction is due to incorrect operation, which does not correspond to the operating instructions described in the respective operating manual,
  • the malfunction is due to an external intervention, in particular a repair, or to the use of accessories if no original quadral parts have been used,
  • the malfunction is due to an external event, in particular an accident (e.g. a fall), inadequate packaging, lightning strike/overvoltage or overloading,
  • the quadral product is subject to commercial use,
  • the sticker with the serial number / product code has been removed from the quadral product.

quadral manufacturer’s warranty for quadral products sold in Germany

quadral GmbH & Co. KG
Am Herrenhäuser Bahnhof 26
30419 Hannover

Warranty period:

1. AURUM products

After registration we grant the following warranty for the following products:

  • AURUM passive Loudspeaker: 10 years
  • AURUM active Loudspeaker: 4 years
  • AURUM electronics and AURUM ORKUS 9: 4 years

Registration and confirmation of warranty:

  1. The buyer must carefully fill in the complete warranty requirement card with ballpoint pen in block letters.
  2. To confirm the date of purchase, please enclose a copy of your dealer’s sales invoice.
  3. Send both within 30 days of purchase to
    quadral GmbH,
    Am Herrenhäuser Bahnhof 26,
    30419 Hannover
  4. The warranty period begins no later than 1 year after the product is withdrawn from the valid AURUM price list.

The warranty is only valid if the warranty request card has been sent to quadral GmbH & Co. KG for registration within 30 days of purchase of the product. No warranty work can be carried out if no confirmed warranty document can be presented.

2. quadral products

The warranty period for the following passive speaker series (products without own power supply and without integrated amplifiers) is 5 years.

  • MAXI
  • PHASE (except PHASE A5)

The statutory warranty (2 years) applies to the following series and all other quadral products:

  • CASA und CASA Cineline
  • PHASE A5
  • Subwoofer
  • active Surround Systems
  • all breeze Products
  • Accessoires

The warranty period begins with the purchase of the quadral product from an authorized quadral dealer. The date of sale on the sales receipt issued by the authorized quadral dealer is decisive.

Warranty services neither inhibit the expiration of the warranty period nor do they restart the warranty period.

Warranty services:

In the event of a warranty claim, quadral will remedy the defect or replace the defective device free of charge at its own discretion and without prior consultation with a defect-free device.

quadral acquires ownership of replaced devices and exchanged parts.


The warranty claim is asserted by the fact that the quadral product is handed over or sent within the warranty period quadral or to an authorised quadral dealer together with the sales receipt issued by a quadral dealer. The sender bears the transport risk when the goods are sent. quadral does not reimburse any shipping, transport, travel or labour costs.
In the event that the warranty claim does not occur within Germany, please contact the distributor in your respective country. An overview can be found here: quadral distributors

Please pack the quadral product carefully in your own interest, preferably in its original packaging, and send it to the correct address. Attach the sales receipt issued by a quadral dealer to the shipment. And please be sure to include an exact description of the error with the shipment.

Warranty claims under purchase law:

The warranty claims of the buyer from the sales contract with the seller are not affected or limited by this warranty against the buyer.