Best pick 2023

A small speaker – that performs big. As recently as December 2022, our Install Speaker 7 Passive, was put through its paces by lite magazine. And as expected – Quadral convinces.

With 79 out of 80 points in the rating and the price-performance ratio “very good”, our install speaker shows itself from its best sides. It is all the more understandable that the small problem solver from Quadral is currently our best-selling loudspeaker. More and more building owners and builders rely on the integration of install speakers for a renovation, new construction or even for simpler renovations. The topic of building automation plays a major role here. A well-placed, automated system of install speakers will easily provide the auditory well-being in any space and location. And all this without having to make even the slightest compromise in terms of design.

But we are not resting on that. With the release of the Install Speaker 10 Passive, the big brother of the excellent Install Speaker 7 has come onto the market in January 2023 under the motto “Bigger, Better, Flexible”. So if you can’t get enough of the smaller 7″ model – you should definitely take a closer look at the even better Install 10.

Perfect sound – Calm design

Discover your possibilities. Whether at home in your own home, in restaurants, hotels or even in the office, for these speakers applies: “Does not work – does not exist”.