Chromium 85 wins

Our Chromium 85 is a speaker that stands out in the high-end category. In April 2022 it was already tested by the trade magazine fairaudio and awarded for its excellent sound as well as the outstanding price/performance ratio. Now the Chromium 85 has been acclaimed Loudspeaker of the Year by the experts at fairaudio.

What makes the Chromium 85 so special? The answer lies in its technical finesse. The membrane responsible for the speaker’s sound is particularly robust and durable, ensuring clear and precise sound. The ribbon tweeter also contributes to a balanced sound reproduction.

These technical refinements deliver a powerful and dynamic sound that brings every piece of music to life. Whether it’s rocking guitar riffs or gentle piano sounds, the Chromium 85 plays them all with ease. For a high-end speaker, it offers an amazing sound experience at a price that is affordable for many.

All in all, the Chromium 85 is a speaker that will please not only music lovers but audiophiles as well. Its technical details and excellent price/performance ratio make it a real highlight in the high-end speaker category.

Often tested – always delivering

Read the full article here and discover everything the experts at fairaudio found out about the Chromium 85.

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