How do I set up my speakers correctly?

The correct placement of Hi-Fi speakers has a significant impact on the sound quality and listening experience. There are some basic guidelines that should be followed when placing Hi-Fi speakers.

First, it is important to place the speakers so that they are in a straight line and equilateral or equiangular distance apart. It is usually ideal for the tweeters to be at the listener's ear level.
Secondly, try to keep the speakers away from the walls to avoid unwanted resonance. A distance of about 30 to 60 centimetres from the rear wall can be a good starting point. However, it is usually necessary to experiment with the exact positioning to achieve the best result.

The speakers should be placed symmetrically in the room to achieve even sound distribution. It is advisable not to place one speaker closer to a wall or corner than the other, as this can affect the sound image.
Angling the speakers slightly towards the listener can improve the stereo effect and widen the soundstage.

Room acoustics should also be considered as they have a significant impact on the sound. The placement of the speakers in relation to walls, windows, curtains and furniture can have an impact on sound quality. In rooms with acoustic problems, acoustic treatments such as curtains, carpets or sound insulation panels can be helpful.

It is important to ensure that the listening position is at an optimal distance from the speakers. By trying out different listening positions, the best possible sound can be achieved. A central listening position between the speakers is recommended.

These guidelines serve as a starting point, but it should be noted that the optimal placement of hi-fi speakers may vary depending on the room. It is therefore advisable to try different positions and check the sound image carefully to achieve the best possible sound quality.