Where do I send my repair?

When sending in a defective speaker, driver or other item for repair, it is important to have all the necessary information such as shipping address, cost, warranty conditions and estimated repair time.
To the service form

It is advisable to contact our service department directly via the contact form in order to receive information about repairs for specific older or new loudspeaker models. We will provide information on whether repairs are available for specific models and what costs and timescales might be involved.
Our companies as well as our service address is:
Am Herrenhäuser Bahnhof 26,
30419 Hanover, DE

Out-of-warranty repairs can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks. Minor problems may be resolved more quickly, while more extensive repairs may take more time.
Within the warranty period, repairs will be given priority and we will endeavour to resolve the problem promptly and in a solution-oriented manner.

In case we cannot offer a repair for defective components, we are happy to recommend our service partner Klangmeister in Lemgo. This company deals with the refurbishment of various old chassis. On the Klangmeister website you will find information about repairs, inspections and the reconditioning of loudspeaker components.
The link to the website can be found here: Klangmeister.de