Which speaker cables should I use?

To connect speakers to an amplifier, you need speaker cables.

Most speakers have connectors in the form of jacks or terminals to which you can connect the speaker cable.

The choice of speaker cable depends on the length and power of the speaker. Basically, the cables should have a sufficient cross-section to transmit the power of the amplifier to the speaker. Cross-sections that are too thin can lead to a loss of power and sound.

As a rule of thumb, speaker cables with a cross-section of 1.5 to 2.5 square millimetres are sufficient for normal living room sound reinforcement. For higher power levels, you may want to choose thicker cables. The length of the cables is also important: the longer the cable, the thicker it should be to minimise losses.

Furthermore, the cables to stereo speakers must have the same length, otherwise the stereo image may shift.