Home cinema – for the truly perfect home

The first date, the first tear, the moment when the lights go out – cinema is culture and so is home cinema.

Since the 1930s, the first private individuals have tried to bring their personal “cinema experience” into their own four walls. As the desire to create the most cinema-like video and sound experience possible at home has grown, the film and music industries have naturally taken notice.
With the ever-increasing demand and faster technological advances, a veritable home cinema boom emerged towards the 1960s. The development of Kodak’s Super 8 cine film format made a not inconsiderable contribution to this. It has made it possible for the big film companies to process their archives and bring masses of film material into private households.

But time has not stopped. In the course of time, the VHS era took off and the whole subject became so established that any electronic device from TV to loudspeakers was advertised with the words “home cinema” – But who couldn’t understand it?

The emotional value in sound and image is indisputable these days. Accordingly, it is only appropriate to create a space for this topic, if it can be presented. A place where you can switch off, sit back and enjoy.
For example, you can find out how to set up your home cinema in our Wiki article. Because it’s true: whether in your living room or an extra home cinema room – everyone can experience goosebumps.