Outdoor Speaker: How to bring sound outdoors

Summer is coming. The beer garden season is in the starting blocks and soon many people will again be spending their evenings in pubs, restaurants and bars outdoors. For a good atmosphere, besides good company, delicious food and refreshing drinks, good music is of course a must. How often do we hear from friends “Let’s go eat there, they play really good music”. But the music is only good if the speakers are used properly.

However, common mistakes are made here when selecting and playing music. A common mistake, for example, is choosing an inappropriate music style or volume, which tends to put guests off rather than attract them. Music that is too loud can make guests feel uncomfortable and not want to stay long, while music that is too soft can make the atmosphere seem too sterile and uninteresting.

Finally, lack of care and maintenance of the music system can also be a problem. Poor sound quality or faulty equipment can make guests find the music distracting and uncomfortable. In fact, this is often the case because the speakers are pushed to their limit every day.

A lasting sound experience for guests can be created at little cost. Depending on the size of the audio zone, a few additional speakers are perfectly sufficient. The aim here is to create a uniform sound atmosphere at the same volume for all guests.

Get ready for summer and create a good mood among your guests with good music at the ideal volume.

The most common mistake when setting up an audio zone is to set up only a few speakers and then turn them up loud. This creates an uneven distribution of sound, resulting in a poor listening experience. Those who are in close proximity to the speakers suffer from a volume level that is far too high, while those sitting further away can hardly hear any music.

A recommended method to ensure an even distribution of sound in the desired audio zone is to regularly place speakers at appropriate distances. As a guideline, you can use 1 speaker per 10m² and for an audio zone at least 4 speakers (per side = 1 speaker) should be used. The result is a homogeneous sound that is clearly and pleasantly perceptible at any location in the audio zone.

Real outdoor speaker

Enjoy your favourite music outdoors with the Satellite Speaker IP64! With its pivoting arm, this outdoor speaker is easy to mount on the wall and can be flexibly mounted in horizontal or vertical orientation. Its water resistance also guarantees that you can enjoy your music in any weather without worrying – at Quadral level.

Outdoor speakers are a great way to enhance the outdoor audio experience. They are weather-resistant, can be positioned variably and offer excellent sound quality. Of course, all outdoor speakers also have their limitations. You should always bear in mind that the combination of water, frost and snow can damage any electronic device, and an outdoor speaker should be protected from this in the best possible way. However, if you position your outdoor speakers correctly, make sure to place them at regular intervals around the room, covering the entire area. This way, you can ensure that everyone outdoors can enjoy the same high-quality sound.