Game Changing Release

Introducing our newest products, the Satellite Speaker IP64 Passive, Install Speaker 10 Passive, and Back Box Housing Install 10. both speakers are designed for many different needs and are perfect for those looking to enhance their sound experience.

First, the Satellite Speaker IP64 Passive is IP64 certified, making it water-resistant and perfect for outdoor use. Its unique swivel arm allows for easy angle adjustments, making it a versatile option for any setting. You can use them indoor too and install on walls and ceilings.

Next, the Install Speaker 10 Passive features a larger woofer than the awared Installe Speaker 7 Passive. It’s with an Altima Membran, similar to our award-winning Chromium and Aurum speakers. Its dome tweeter is also 4mm bigger than the Install Speaker 7 Passive and is made out of titanium, providing a powerful and clear sound.

Lastly, the Back Box Housing Install 10 is designed for perforated ceilings and is 9 L larger than the Back Box Housing Install 7. This means more volume and a more powerful sound.

All of these products are the perfect combination to the Loxone Audioserver and will help you automate your building to perfection. Don’t miss out on these amazing speakers, available for release on January 30th.

Satellite Speaker IP64 Passive
Install Speaker 10 Passive
Back Box Housing Install 10