What is a loudspeaker membrane?

Whether on vinyl or via Bluetooth – we all love to listen to music. But how does the electrical signal finally gets us to dance through the hallway in our home? In fact it’s not that complicated!

An essential contribution to this is made by the membrane.
Through its movement, it transmits the vibration to the air, which then results as sound waves in the room.
It is important, that several sound transducers work together, as the different frequency ranges also have sound waves of different lengths. While, for example, bass is produced by a subwoofer with a comparatively very large membrane, the membranes sizes of midrange and tweeter speakers are correspondingly smaller.

Many membranes are likely to find their limits and cause distortion. However, a good membrane remains stable even under high loads and can also handle problematic frequencies. In our case, for example, the specially developed Altima membrane is a more than remarkable solution for this problem. Due to our special alloy of aluminium, titanium and magnesium, it is enormously stable despite a low weight and guarantees a clear and distortion-free audio experience! – that’s what makes a real audio experience.